Rezervasyon Hemen Ara

DMC Consolidator – Our Difference

DMCs, which use Sejour system upload hotel contracts into the system and update frequently by yielding in the area. Most of the DMCs are specialized in contracting for package holidays and those conditions are already settled in Sejour.

We as Book2Online act as a Tour Operator and enable DMCs to share their products with Book2Online by setting essential parameters in the system. Updating and sharing the contract with very special conditions do not burden DMC and they can easily set allotments, map the hotels, map the room types, boards and push the rates to any TO they have integrated with.

With this possibility Sejour is the leading DMC software in Turkey and many countries. There are different commercial options for DMC to expand their products.Our unique local inventory called Sejour Gateway gathers the products from each Sejour frequently via the web services in the day then push to FTPs of some German Tour Operators. SG also responds for the real time searches coming from aggregators. Book2Online now offers almost 2500 hotels gathered from more than 100 DMCs.

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