Rezervasyon Hemen Ara

Book2Online Technology

Book2Online is entirely developed by Book2Online inhouse team located in Antalya Technopolis of Akdeniz University / Turkey. 

Integration team is highly focused on integrating new providers and aims to assure the quality and updates of all essential maintenance for live processes. 

Amazon cloud based infastructure processes the hotel inventory which contains more than 350.000 hotels worldwide upon the searches for destinations and transmit the data between +120 suppliers, thousand of buyers as real time within seconds. However, the structure is capable of responding to 100 searches instantaneously. Sejour Gateway is able to respond for searches below 1 sec. Peakwork integration is in process, the unique data format EDF is now being developed by our developers. 

Book2Online is able to process high volume of traffic through the inhouse developed structure which is capable of expanding the hosting layers for the further upcoming traffic. Hotels are mapped internally by using Giata IDs and internal algorithms and also the non bookable content is supplied from Giata. 

Nationality based offers and all special offers are available via Book2Online XML/API 

Book2Online Sejour collectors gather the offers and allotment files frequently and updates Sejour Gateway during the day, Book2Online SG pushes the collected data as cache to TO systems daily and responds for instant pull updates, however push update is also available for any alternative systems such as Peakwork. 

Book2Online SWS API delivers cache to German Tour Operator Systems and updates as real time. Book2Online Json API delivers global hotel inventory to any buyer as real time search and response. Book2Online has its own infx converter and pushes to alternative channels such as Schmetterling, Traffics. 

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